Equipped in public locations such as hotels, restaurants, stadiums, hospitals or schools, safety is definitely the one of most important matters for any hand dryer and soap dispensers. Therefore, purchasing products with safety approvals is critical when selecting hand dryers and soap dispensers. Yet, different countries may refer to different safety regulations and require different certifications. (For example, an electrical equipment cannot be sold in the North America before passing certain safety tests, this is why UL or CSA is needed. On the other hand, CE is a must in the European countries.) Thus, in this FAQ section, the most commonly seen safety certifications and regulations such as HACCP, CE, LVD, EMC, GS, CB, UL and CSA will be introduced. By going through the below listed questions, one can understand what does it mean to have the hand dryer and soap dispenser certified and what are the third party organizations behind these certificates.

CE marking can be seen on most of the products sold in the EEA (European Economic Area). With the CE marking, it means that the producer of this product have declared that all the EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements are met. The official website of European Commission provides clear information of not only what are the duties for manufacture, importer and distributor for selling a CE marking product, but also the benefits for the consumer by choosing a CE marked product. Read More
LVD is the abbreviation of The Low Voltage Directive. The regulation of LVD ensure that the operating voltage is between 75V to 1500V for direct current and 50V to 1000V for alternating current. In addition, the voltage requirements are referring to the voltage of the electrical input/output instead of the voltages that appear in the product. Read More
EMS stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility that includes EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and EMS (Electromagnetic Susceptibility). EMI regulates the influences of an electronic system’s radiated emission and conducted emission on other systems. EMS, on the other hand, regulates the immunity of an electronic system so that the noise from other systems won’t be able to effect it. Read More
If a product comes with the GS mark, it means that this product has passed German Product Safety Act (ProdSG)’s quality and safety requirements as GS refers to Geprüfte Sicherheit which means “safety tested” in German. Thus, it is said that consumers are willing to pay higher prices to purchase products with GS mark as it ensured that the goods were tested by an authorized third party organization such as TÜV or Intertek. Read More
CB stands for Certification Body. The CB Scheme is operated by IECEE (International Electrotechnical Commission for Electrical Equipment), it is a system that accept test results and certificates internationally as long as the country or certification organization is a participant of the NCBs (National Certification Bodies). In other words, once you got a CB Test Certificate, it helps you to minimize the time and money required to obtain certificates by other NCBs. This is because applications with CB test certificates are more likely to be handled as priority in other NCBs. Also, since additional sampling/testing is usually not required, cost of applying other certificates among NCBs is relatively low. *Additional information: you can find a list of the NCB members. Read More
Basing in the States, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is one of the most commonly seen safety certifications in the market. UL is a nonprofit organization that define safety standards in different aspects with examples of electrical/electronic products, industrial control equipment, plastic material and building products. Benefits of using UL listed products are that one can be sure the products have passed unbiased safety tests and are traceable if problems occurred as each product is required to have a label being affixed on it. Read More
CSA Group is formerly known as the Canadian Standards Association. Being the largest testing and certification organization in Canada, CSA has experience in the field for about 100 years and has developed over 3000 safety and sustainability standards/codes in varies of industries including construction and building products, electrical and gas, home and commercial appliances…etc. Since CSA International tests are applicable to other U.S. standards (ANSI, UL and NSF), one can rest assured that any product with the CSA mark is safe to use and can be sold across North America. Read More
HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, it provides guidelines for how to identify, evaluate and control food safety starting from raw material/harvest to the finished product which includes production, purchasing, handling, manufacturing and distribution in the food chain. (Please refer to the FDA website for more information about HACCP.) Yet, even before you would like to implement the HACCP system, there are prerequisite programs that need to be met. As you can imagine, one of the most critical requirements is personal hygiene, which relates to the importance of how do the staff wash and dry their hands. Therefore, automatic hygiene products (ex: automatic faucet, automatic soap dispenser and automatic hand dryer) will be further recommended to be used during the above mentioned procedure as they help avoiding clean hands to be re-contaminated by touching the equipment. In addition, more and more companies are adding an extra step at the end of hand cleaning process with alcohol sanitizer. Yet, please note that the sanitizer, regardless in spray, foam or gel format, should contain at least 60% of alcohol to be effective in reducing the number of germs on hands. Moreover, automatic sanitizers are recommended over the traditional manuals one as well. Also, disposable gloves should be provided to staffs and should be changed frequently and when producing another type of food. Read More


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