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Washroom Products with Safety Approval

What Are The Common Safety Approvals For Hand Dryer, Auto Soap Dispenser, Auto Faucet And Auto Flush Valve?

Hand dryers, auto soap dispensers, auto faucet and auto flush valve are widely adopted in commercial restrooms or public toilets to enhance hands hygiene for the public. Safety in these places is one of the key criteria to install electric hygiene products. Therefore, one must not neglect to select hand dryer or soap dispensers with safety approvals. Below please find the common safety approvals in different regions.

Safety Approvals in European Market:

To import and sell electric hand dryer, auto soap dispenser and sensor activated restroom appliances in Europe, CE, LVD, EMC are usually requested. Other safety approvals, such as EMI, GS and CB, contains more standards and regulations. They can be requested when one submit hand dryers for a government bid or tender.

Water safety approvals for auto faucets, such as WRAS, GDV, KIWA, are requested to ensure the safety of drinking water. Materials and functions of the water taps will be inspected and exanimated during the tests. The certificates usually needs to be renewed in a period of time.

Safety Approvals in American Market:

For electric hand dryers and other appliances, UL, cUL, CAS are the safety approvals for North America market. In Mexico, hand dryers needs to follow Normas Oficiales Mexicanas (NOM). Hokwang’s hand dryers can comply with all the regulated standards so it is easy and care-free to import our automatic hygiene products to these areas.

For water safety, as a part of touchless solutions in washrooms, the sensor activated faucets need to be made with lead free material and to be safe to use for drinking water. The standards include cUPC, NSF / ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 372. Also, the mechanical function and material safety will also be evaluated.

Safety Approvals in other regions:

The electric hand dryers need to be in compliance with SAA in Australia. The safety approval in China is CCC, which regulates not only hand dryers, but also all electric appliances. Hokwang has the ability to assist customers with the acquisition of SAA or CCC approvals.

The water faucets need to obtain Water Mark in Australia. The same standard is also recognized in New Zealand.

To import hand dryer, auto soap dispenser, auto faucet, auto flush valves to the Gulf Coordinating Council (GCC) Countries, a Gulf Mark (G Mark) is required as a mandatory requirement. There are two ways of having bathroom products G Mark certified:

1. Low Voltage Product: Self-declaration conformity assessment
2. High Voltage Products or those in the area of IEC 60335 (Home Appliances): Notified Body (NB) needs to be involved

For more details, please refer to our FAQ page for safety approvals.

Safety Other Safety Approvals: Trains/Vehicles :

One of Hokwang’s specialties is the capability of customized hand dryers and auto soap dispensers. We’ve already worked with our customers for supplying hand dryers in some train projects. There are certain regulations of electronic interferences, fire-proofing and smoke test for materials, mechanical safety and installations, etc.

Some countries and locations have special requirements for safe tests, you can always contact us for further information or assistance.

For hand dryer, auto soap dispenser, auto faucet that are equipped in public locations such as hotels, restaurants, stadiums, hospitals or schools, safety is definitely the one of most important matters for any commercial restroom products. Therefore, purchasing products with safety approvals is critical when selecting hand dryers and soap dispensers.

The clients who are in the process of designing commercial restroom facilities must adhere certain safety standard. Hokwang, as a quality hand dryer Manufacturer, is willing to help clients to purchase auto soap dispenser and hand dryers with safety approvals while selecting products.

Yet, different countries may refer to different safety regulations and require different certifications. For example, an electrical equipment cannot be sold in the North America before passing certain safety tests, this is why UL or CSA is needed. On the other hand, CE is a must in the European countries. By going through the below listed information about CE, LVD, EMC, GS, CB, UL and CSA, one can understand why it is important to have the hand dryer and soap dispenser certified and what are the third party organizations behind these certificates.

What Are The Common Safety Approvals For Hand Dryer, Auto Soap Dispenser, Auto Faucet And Auto Flush Valve? | Remote Control Heated Toilet Seat Manufacturer | Hokwang

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