Even though automatic soap dispensers are commonly seen in public washrooms, people may still have multiple questions on this product. Therefore, in this soap dispenser section of the FAQ, Hokwang provides answers to the most asked questions that we have received.

For example, people may wonder where they can find the suitable soap for the refill type soap dispenser. People may also wonder when he or she should refill the soap tank. In addition, since soap dispensers are installed in public restrooms, whether the dispenser can be powered by AC or DC power source and the battery life that can be expected are critical as well. Thus, all the above questions can be addressed by going through this FAQ section.
Still, if assistance is needed for comparing different models or not knowing which model suits which location the best, Hokwang will be more than happy to share our thoughts with you. Please simply fill in the form on the Contact Us page and we will be sure to answer your inquiry in one business day!

A DC type (use batteries) is more common in the market. However, some models can use both of the AC type (with transformer) and DC type. Among Hokwang’s auto soap dispenser range, HK-800DA and HK-950DA are DC type only, while other models all have optional AC/DC type available. Read More
In general, you can use any soap you find in the market. If it is for home use or office, which do not require a bulk of soap, you can buy soap from supermarket or from the internet. If it is for buildings or other public areas, you can source it from janitorial suppliers. Just remember to use foaming soap when you have an auto foam soap dispenser. Read More
Our wall mounted auto soap dispenser (link): Blinking blue light indicates low battery. Our deck mounted auto soap dispenser (link): Blinking red light indicates low battery. Read More
For most of our wall mounted auto soap dispenser, there’s transparent lens on the cover enable you to see how much soap left. For deck mounted auto soap dispenser, the blinking green light on the LED indicator will remind you to refill the soap tank. Read More


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