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Electric Warm Air Hand Dryer

Conventional Electric Hand Dryer

Warm Air Traditional Hand Dryer - Push-Button/ Brushless Motor Available

From 1800 watts to 2400 watts, full range of conventional warm air hand dryers are available in Hokwang. We offer many traditional hand dryers in different air volume, cover design and material. There are stainless steel, aluminum, enamel coated steel and plastic covers to choose from. Moreover, the induction motors in conventional hand dryers last a lifetime because there are no brushes that need to be changed.

Different from jet air hand dryer, conventional warm air dryer gives you warm and gentle air, which adds to the user experience, and makes the whole drying process more pleasant and comfortable, especially in cold area. The less strong air-blow also helps keeping noise level down. This makes the conventional electric hand dryer still a popular choice in primary schools and kindergartens. Hokwang also keeps several push button models for traditional hand dryer range as a face/hair dryer.

Conventional Electric Hand Dryer

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HK-1800 Conventional Electric Hand Dryer - HK-1800 Electric Warm Air Hand Dryer
HK-1800 Conventional Electric Hand Dryer

The warm air hand dryer HK-1800 series provides a warm breeze with little noise, which is perfect...

HK-2200 Conventional Electric Hand Dryer - HK-2200 Electric Warm Air Hand Dryer
HK-2200 Conventional Electric Hand Dryer

The conventional hand dryer HK-2200 series is an 2200 watts elegant hand dryer, and comes in a variety...

HK-2400 Conventional Electric Hand Dryer - HK-2400 Electric Warm Air Hand Dryer
HK-2400 Conventional Electric Hand Dryer

The heavy duty hand dryer HK-2400 blows big volume of warm air, giving the warmth appreciated...

Conventional Recessed Combination Unit - Hand Dryers and Combination Unit Recessed into the Wall
Conventional Recessed Combination Unit

Besides high speed hand dryer range, Hokwang also offers wall mounted recessed stainless steel...

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Conventional Electric Hand Dryer | Remote Control Heated Toilet Seat Manufacturer | Hokwang

Based in Taiwan since 1996, Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing hand dryers and soap dispensers. Their main bathroom and kitchen products include, Conventional Electric Hand Dryer, bathroom hand dryers, stainless steel hand dryers, automatic soap dispensers for kitchen and bathroom, wall mounted soap dispensers, deck mounted soap dispensers, touchless soap dispensers, bathroom and kitchen water faucets and smart heated toilet seats with remote control, which pass WEEE and RoHS and are sold to 89 countries. Every touchless kitchen water faucet and soap dispenser, commercial bathroom hand dryer and smart heated toilet seat is tested at the highest level of quality control before shipment.

Hokwang, an ISO certified (ISO9001 and ISO14001), professional manufacturer in Taiwan, specializes in hand dryer, automatic soap dispenser, auto faucet, auto flush valve and automatic aerosol dispenser. We offer a complete washroom package to make the management of your facilities as easy as possible with our top quality HANDS FREE hygiene products. The main aim of HOKWANG is long term customer retention via exceptional levels of quality and customer service. With 20 years of bathroom hygiene industry experience, Hokwang has many customers who has started with us at the very beginning and is still with us today. We also receive the top marks of greater than 90% customer satisfaction every year on the survey.

Hokwang has been providing customers with commercial hand dryers, soap dispensers, water faucets and heated toilet seats with great customer satisfaction, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, Hokwang ensures that each customer's needs are met.