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Even though automatic soap dispensers are commonly seen in public washrooms, people may still have multiple questions on this product. Therefore, in this soap dispenser section of the FAQ, Hokwang provides answers to the most asked questions that we have received.

For example, people may wonder where they can find the suitable soap for the refill type soap dispenser. People may also wonder when he or she should refill the soap tank. In addition, since soap dispensers are installed in public restrooms, whether the dispenser can be powered by AC or DC power source and the battery life that can be expected are critical as well. Thus, all the above questions can be addressed by going through this FAQ section.
Still, if assistance is needed for comparing different models or not knowing which model suits which location the best, Hokwang will be more than happy to share our thoughts with you. Please simply fill in the form on the Contact Us page and we will be sure to answer your inquiry in one business day!

A DC type (use batteries) is more common in the market. It is flexible to install since you don’t need a socket. You can easily put a DC type auto soap dispenser on the wall of washrooms, on the counter with a table stand, or at the entrance of a building with a floor stand. However, a regular maintenance is required for changing the batteries and refilling the soap bottles.That is why in some busy locations, such as air ports, train stations, theaters or shopping malls, would prefer an AC type of auto soap dispenser. This can not only save the labour of replacing the batteries, but also help us to be more environmental friendly. To further cut down the labour costs, the building owners can choose an AC type soap dispenser with larger soap bottle (for more information about larger soap bottle, please find our Auto Deck Mounted Soap Dispenser page).Among Hokwang’s auto soap dispenser range, HK-800DA and HK-950DA are DC type only, while other models all have optional AC/DC type available. For example, the HK-CSD14R/24R auto wall mounted soap dispenser has a standby LED light indication, so it is designed for an AC type power source. Whereas, the standby LED light can be cancelled and use batteries only. Read More
In general, you can use any soap you find in the market. If it is for home use or office, which do not require a bulk of soap, you can buy soap from supermarket or from the internet. If it is for buildings or other public areas, you can source it from janitorial suppliers. Just remember to use foaming soap when you have an auto foam soap dispenser. Read More
Our wall mounted auto soap dispenser (link): Blinking blue light indicates low battery. Our deck mounted auto soap dispenser (link): Blinking red light indicates low battery. Read More
For most of our wall mounted auto soap dispenser, there’s transparent lens on the cover enable you to see how much soap left. For deck mounted auto soap dispenser, the blinking green light on the LED indicator will remind you to refill the soap tank. Read More
Yes, of course! All the models of Hokwang’s multi-function soap dispensers are equipped with patented changeable pumps which can turn a liquid soap dispenser into a foam soap dispenser or alcohol spray dispenser by simply changing the pump and using the correspondence soap. Also, we have deck mounted and wall mounted foam soap dispensers as well. Read More
For Hokwnag’s liquid soap dispensers, the acceptable viscosity range is from 1 to 3000 mPa, which includes most of the liquid soaps that could be found from the shelf. In regards of foam soap dispenser, foaming soap is required so that the foam soap pump won’t get clogged by the higher viscosity of liquid soap. Yet, there are many different brands that carries foaming soap in the market and our foam soap dispenser can work with any one of them, even those that contain alcohol. Read More
For sure! No matter sanitizer gel, alcohol spray or sanitizer foam, you can surely find a product that suits your need in Hokwang. Auto sanitizer dispensers are commonly seen at the entrance of hospital, mall, school and stadium…etc. Moreover, for some food processing factories and laboratories, hand sanitizing is set as the last step of hand cleaning process as well.We provide auto sanitizer dispensers in different designs, soap tank capacities and installation methods (deck mounted or wall mounted). If you know what kind of sanitizer you’re going to use, we suggest the following models:Sanitizer gel / Hydroalcoholic gel: For sanitizer gel (viscosity between 1-3000cps), we recommend HK-RSD and 950SA. These models were design for auto liquid soap dispenser, but we have an optional soap tube made of silicone, which is alcohol-resistant and is the perfect choice for sanitizer gel dispenser.Ethanol alcohol: 75% ethanol alcohol is transparent and looks like water, and it is the most common sanitizer used in hospital. To dispense alcohol, we recommend HK-MSD31 and HK-SSD31. These multifunction dispensers can equipped with a spray pump, so the alcohol can be beautifully spray out on users’ palm.Foam sanitizer: Compare to sanitizer gel and 75% alcohol, foam sanitizer is rarely seen on the market, but the bubble-like foam texture comforts you when you rub your hands with sanitizer. We suggest HK-MSD21 and HK-SSD21 for foam sanitizer. Since our foam pump is alcohol-resistant, when these multifunction dispensers equipped with the foam pump, they can dispense either foam sanitizer or foam soap. (Please noted that for some foam sanitizers, when using in auto foam dispenser, the foam will not be as beautiful as manually pressed, but it does not affect the sanitizing result. We suggest testing your desired foam sanitizer if you plan to use our dispenser as a foam sanitizer dispenser.)Below please find a comparison chart of all our wall mounted auto sanitizer dispensers. Read More
Hokwang has been designed and manufactured auto soap dispenser for more than 15 years. Our commercial auto soap dispensers has been distributed over the world, from America to Europe, from Asia to Australia. Therefore, we have the chance to receive different feedback from the auto soap dispenser market. One question that is frequently being asked is what should we do when the soap dispenser in commercial restroom is clogged? Before we answer this question, we should understand why the soap pump is clogged in the first place. Read More
Yes. Even though our soap dispensers are originally designed as refillable types to be environmental friendly, we also fully understand that some locations may require disposable soap bags. Thus, disposable soap bags are also available for our auto soap dispensers. We can ship the empty disposable soap bags to clients to fill at their ends, which will save the freight cost and related importation regulations to chemicals.We provide the disposable soap bag options for Hokwang's auto soap dispenser system. The applicable soap types are liquid soap, foaming soap, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant.The accessories for the soap bag system include a soap bag, a soap tube or soap pump, and a soap bag holder. The soap bag holder is a tool that helps you adapt the disposable soap bag into the auto soap dispenser you have easily. Moreover, comparing to other paper box soap bag system, the plastic soap bag holder can be reused, which is cost-saving and environmental friendly in the long run. If you want to change back to a refill type for our auto soap dispenser, you can simply remove the holder and put on a refillable soap tank.For the HK-SSD auto soap dispenser, we design a 3D soap bag, so there is no need for a soap bag holder. Read More
About three decades back, we didn't imagine to wash our hands with liquid soap or foam soap. We had no foam soap or liquid soap dispenser at that time. We used to wash our hands with the bar soap as there were no foam soap or liquid soap dispenser available in the market. We used to wash our body with the bar soap as we didn't have shower gel. But things are different now! We are living in modern era and at present time, there are over 100 kinds of foam soap dispenser and liquid soap dispenser available. Now you might be thinking which one you should use - Foam soap dispenser or liquid soap dispenser? Well, the answer is - it's totally up to you. Read More
Cleaning your hands is the best way to protect your family and yourself from getting ill. You probably know how to wash your hands correctly, but you don’t necessarily follow.Hand washing is effortless, and it's the most efficient method to restrict the spread out of microbes and virus, such as COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus). Fully clean hands can prevent bacteria from dispersing from one individual to other individual and spanning to an entire neighborhood — from your workplace and home to hospitals and childcare facilities. Below are the suggested timing and steps of washing hands from CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) of the US. Read More
Our HK-CSD and EcoTap auto soap and santizer dispenser come with a standard 1.5L soap bottle. We have an optional 3L soap bottle that can also be fixed on the base plate. During COVID, we understand the public requires a larger soap bottle or a disposable soap bottle for hand sanitizing station. People often ask: can I use my own soap bottle for your auto deck-mounted and wall-mounted soap dispenser? The answers is YES!You can easily use your own 5L or even larger soap bottle with our HK-CSD and EcoTap hands free soap dispenser as long as the dimensions of your soap bottle complies with the criteria below:Diameter of Bottleneck: Foaming soap should be among 33-40mm. Liquid soap should be among 15-40mm. Height of bottle: should be less than 300mm. Length or width of bottle: should be less than 80mm. Read More


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