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Auto Faucet

Electronic Faucet Infrared Sensor Operated

Auto Faucet
Auto Faucet

Hokwang auto water taps come in many operating methods and designs. The common material of the faucets is chrome plated brass. We also have them in stainless steel. Moreover, there are five colors (white, black, red, green, and orange) to choose from for the front panel of the AF32 series of auto deck mounted faucets. They offer more color and finishing options when you design the bathroom interiors.

Moreover, our auto faucets use a stable and high quality infrared sensor. Most of them have the sensor positioned right beside the water outlet which enables a more instinctive and user-friendly operation. You can chose either AC power or a battery operated power source for the auto faucet. All electronic parts are waterproof and of the highest quality.

  • Auto Deck Mounted Faucet - Auto Deck Mounted Faucet
    Auto Deck Mounted Faucet
    Deck Mounted Electronic Faucet-Stainless Steel and Brass Chromed

    Auto taps with duel sensor, LED indication lights and so on. At Hokwang, there are many different kinds of automatic deck mounted faucets which are all ideal for commercial bathrooms such as those in schools, malls, hospitals, hotels, and stadiums. There are mainly three series of the deck mounted faucets in Hokwang’s product range now, which are the AF32, the AF36 and the EcoTap – D series.The UPC certified AF32 series all-in-one faucets have stable performance with all the mechanism built in the spout which makes maintenance work easier and saves space in the commercial bathrooms.Also, there is the AF36 series which has a classic design/appearance with an infrared sensor that will not be affected by lights or the reflection from the basin materials.The newly added AF370, AF372, AF377 and AF378 series are all UPC and NSF61 certified, which provides more choices for not only the spout designs, but also drinking water. In addition, Hokwang provides deck mounted faucets within the popular EcoTap series as well. The Ecotap – D Series are made from stainless steel which makes them not only stylish but also durable. Moreover, the EcoTap series comes with beautiful LEDs that make washing hands fun!

  • Auto Wall Mounted Faucet - Auto Wall Mounted Faucet
    Auto Wall Mounted Faucet
    Wall Mounted Electronic Faucet-Stainless Steel and Brass Chromed

    Wall mounted automatic faucets are getting more and more popular nowadays especially for new constructions that have a behind-the-wall maintenance area. The reason for wall mounted faucets gaining their popularity is that they give commercial washrooms a clean and neat look as only the spout is protruded from the wall.At Hokwang, there are currently three series of auto wall mounted faucets which are the AF33 series, the Ecotap – W series and the InnoWash FA auto faucet series. The AF33 faucets are the all-in-one type that include all the mechanisms, such as the solenoid valve and the battery boxes, in the spout. Within this AF33 auto faucet series, there are both AC and DC types so the user can choose whichever is more suitable for any specific location.Same as the other members in the EcoTap family, the EcoTap – W series are equipped with LED light indicator which adds more color to the hand washing experience. It also comes with a water saving function that will automatically cut off after continuous use of one minute. The InnoWash FA auto faucet provides a more compact option for limited spaces, such as the lavatory in trains or behind the mirror products. The spout design makes this auto faucet more flexible for projects of new constructions or renovations.


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Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd., since 1996, is an ISO 9001 & 14001 certified Auto Faucet manufacturer based in Taiwan.

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