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Case Studies

Here you will find photos of our highlighted commercial washroom projects along with the Hokwang products that have been installed under Fastdry brand in Taiwan.

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  • Hand Washing Station at Vet Clinic in Heping E. Rd., Taipei

    Hokwang offered a customized hand washing and sanitizing station for a busy vet clinic in Taipei. The combination of hand dryer, auto soap dispenser, auto faucet and auto sanitizer dispenser help simplify the hand washing process for the vet and the assistants. The stainless steel washing basin are tailor made to the limited spaces in the clinic.

  • Hand Washing Station at Carrefour Food Court in Neili District Taoyuan City

    A combination of wall-mounted hand dryer and soap dispenser and an auto faucet was supplied to Carrefour in Taoyuan City. The easy installation and simple maintenance of our high speed hand dryer, auto foam soap dispenser and auto faucet are the two key reasons that these models are selected.

  • EcoMo High Speed Hand Dryer for The Tonlin Plaza

    Hokwang submitted our high speed hand dryer EcoMo to this project. the Tonlin Plaza is a famous shopping center in Taoyuan District, Taiwan that opened in 1995 which includes a variety of stores such as movie theaters, restaurants, bookstores, and a large meeting hall of 2,200 square feet for holding art or business exhibitions.

  • Hokwang’s HK-MSD31 Sanitizer Spray Dispenser Helps to Sanitize The Nanmen Market

    Providing hands free sanitizer dispenser is crucial to the Nanmen Market as the number of visitors visiting on important holidays in Taiwan such as the Chinese New Year Holidays are impressive. It is known for its variety of regional specialty goods and dishes. This market has 270 stalls spreading over the first two floors and the basement inside the building, which makes public hand hygiene even more important for this market.

  • EcoMo High Speed Hand Dryer & Mirror Cabinet at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Mall 1

    The combination of EcoMo high speed hand dryer and mirror cabinet brings a total solution to the washrooms at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Mall 1.

  • EcoTap Auto Faucet and HK-CSD4R Auto Soap Dispenser at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Kaohsiung

    Auto soap dispenser and auto faucet are used in the chain hospital to replace the manual ones due to the pandemic. Hokwang wall mounted EcoTap auto faucet and HK-CSD4R auto soap dispenser was chosen to be installed in the demonstrated commercial washroom which received good feedback. Therefore, the hospital concluded that the rest of the restrooms will be retrofitted with Hokwang auto hygiene products as well.

  • Ecotap Auto Faucet and Auto Soap Dispenser: To be A Symbol of Taipei and Taiwan

    Another project for EcoTap auto faucet and auto soap dispenser! The Sung Shan Taipei International Airport, located in the center of the city of Taipei, is not only a landmark in the middle of the bustling city, it is also the gateway that connects Taipei with other major cities in Taiwan and also with many countries in Asia. As the Ever Rich Duty Free Shop is one of the most popular and busiest stores at the airport, it is visited by all the travelers for the different kinds of duty free items that they provide every day.

  • HK-RSD Auto Soap Dispenser at Taichung High Speed Rail

    The wall mounted stainless steel auto soap dispenser HK-RSD is chosen to be installed in the commercial restroom at Taichung high speed rail station in Taiwan. The durable and long service life auto soap tube system, plus the stainless steel 304 cover made the maintenance effort as low as possible, which is appreciated for a high traffic transportation station like Taiwan high speed rail.

  • Public Bathroom Planning Is a Big Part of Real Estate Project Development

    The Public bathroom planning for real estate development is a highly competitive and extremely complex industry. It involves experts in different fields, from the design plan and blue prints of architects to the capable skills and know-how of construction workers and all the complex dealings and processing by the different professionals, the scale is large and requires significant resources and investment. Extensive planning is essential as any small detail could affect the end result.

  • EcoTap Hand Washing Station & Mirror Cabinet at Boss Group

    EcoTap hand dryer, auto soap dispenser and auto faucet have identical looks and customized mirror cabinet help Boss group’s washrooms stand apart from others and lower the cost of maintenance in a long run.

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