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EcoMo High Speed Hand Dryer for The Tonlin Plaza | ISO 9001 & 14001 certified hand dryer and soap dispenser manufacturer

EcoMo High Speed Hand Dryer for The Tonlin Plaza

EcoMo High Speed Hand Dryer for The Tonlin Plaza

Hokwang submitted our high speed hand dryer EcoMo to this project. the Tonlin Plaza is a famous shopping center in Taoyuan District, Taiwan that opened in 1995 which includes a variety of stores such as movie theaters, restaurants, bookstores, and a large meeting hall of 2,200 square feet for holding art or business exhibitions.

Hygiene in Public Restrooms is Always a Concern

Being one of the leading shopping centers in Taiwan, in addition to providing clients the best shopping environment, it’s also important to provide clients with hygienic washrooms. With thousands of visitors every day, nonstop clean up and paper towel usage were causing a mess with used paper towels spreading all over the washrooms. Moreover, it can be seen that there were always long queues in the washrooms. The shopping center began to have concerns that with such a large volume of usage in their washrooms, the amount of germs or bacteria that may be brought in by the users may increase. There were complaints from visitors with handicap that had a hard time drying hands after using their washrooms.

Hokwang Offers the Ideal Solution

After installing Hokwang’s EcoMo high speed hand dryers, usage of paper towel was reduced and the cleaning crew did not have to spend much time to clean up any discarded paper towel. With the absorbent ceramic pad on the back of the EcoMo high speed hand dryer, water overflow was prevented and the needs for cleaning up all the time was also reduced.

As the EcoMo high speed hand dryer is ergonomically designed to be wheelchair friendly and ADA-Compliant to be suitable in washrooms for the handicapped, the complaints from handicapped users were resolved. Moreover, as the HEPA filter in the EcoMo high speed hand dryer can remove fine dust and odor, and kills over 99% of bacteria which provided a fresher washroom than ever and improved the user experience, the concerns for germs spreading in the washrooms were successfully addressed.


EcoMo: The hygienic high-speed hand dryer for the human form

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