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  • Matte Black Compact Hand Dryer
    Matte Black Compact Hand Dryer

    EcoFast, an eco-friendly compact hand dryer in a trendy matte black cover is becoming a high demand hygiene product among designers for public washrooms design. EcoFast hand dryer is only half the size of equivalent high speed hand dryers. It consumes very little power (1,000 watts), while maintaining the capability to emit warm and comfortably heated air. The patented air-flow mechanism optimizes air flow to dry hands fast while saving 80% in energy costs. Finally, we use fewer materials to make EcoFast hand dryer to save our precious natural resources. Like other Hokwang hand dryers, all materials used to manufacture EcoFast hand dryer can be recycled and reused. Hands dried with EcoFast are ecofriendly hands!

  • Matte Black ADA Slim Hand Dryer
    Matte Black ADA Slim Hand Dryer
    EcoSlender 01B

    EcoSlender 01B is an ADA compliant hand dryer in a smooth and beautiful matte black color. Other than the sleek and stylish cover design, the performance is also undoubtable with dual air outlet. Hokwang is devoted to creating an accessible washroom environment. The main purpose of EcoSlender hand dryer is to make everyone’s hand drying experience even more accommodating. EcoSlender hand dryer is ADA-Compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act); its thin profile only protrudes 4 inches (10 cm) from the wall. Moreover, EcoSlender hand dryer has patented parallel dual air outlets resulting in high drying efficiency with quiet operation. The slim hand dryer cover design also creates a wide drying area to allow hands to dry both naturally and comfortably.

  • Smallest ADA Matte Black Hand Dryer
    Smallest ADA Matte Black Hand Dryer

    It becomes trendy to install small hand dryers in black color to create a modern look in the public restroom. Here you can find the smallest high speed hand dryer in the market in matte black finishes. It takes years of experiences to make a hand dryer the size of one’s palm. EcoSwift hand dryer is in Universal Design and ADA-Compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act), it fits in every washroom, especially those with restricted spaces such as on trains and airplanes. EcoSwift high speed hand dryer also has a compact inner structure, which is suitable for a customized hand dryer in different projects. It easily allows unique and customized hand dryer cover design without obstruction from internal mechanisms.

  • 1600W Matte Black Hand Dryer
    1600W Matte Black Hand Dryer

    HK-JA01B high speed hand dryer is a powerful matte black hand dryer. Matt black is the color desired by artistic designers and fashionable users. This timeless color on our hand dryers is a perfect finish as it looks stunning next to crisp porcelain and earthy stone or stainless steel washroom fixtures. Functionally, like mentioned above, HK-JA01 hand dryer is very powerful; its air blows strong enough to dry hands in 10 seconds, and this hand dryer is the first automatic high speed hand dryer equipped with our patented blue LED indicator light to optimize drying efficiency. Furthermore, you can adjust the air speed and turn the heater on or off based on your needs. A carbon filter assembly is also available for dusty installation environments.

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Hokwang Matte Black Service Introduction

Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Matte Black supplier and manufacturer with more than 30 years experence. Since 1996, in the Bathroom Products Industry, Hokwang has been offering our customers high quality Matte Black production service. With both advanced technology and 30 years experience, Hokwang always make sure to meet each customer's demand.