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A professional manufacturer of high quality hand dryer, auto soap dispenser, auto faucet, auto flush valve, automatic aerosol dispenser, ODM customized service

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    Lunar New Year Break Announcement
    05 Feb, 2024

    Thank you for your supports and interests in our hand dryer, auto soap dispenser, auto faucets, auto flush valve and smart toilet seats.

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    Elevate Your Bathroom Experience with Hokwang's Latest Innovations at Interclean Amsterdam May 14th-17th, 2024
    22 Jan, 2024

    Witness the forefront of bathroom technology at Interclean Amsterdam as Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd. takes center stage with its latest advancements in energy-efficient solutions. Find us at our new booth location: 12.117.Hokwang is a global leader in crafting sustainable, cutting-edge bathroom equipment. At this exhibition, we will unveil our newest automatic faucets, hand dryers, and other innovations that redefine hygiene, convenience, and eco-friendly practices.

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    Driving Sustainability Through Carbon Reduction Initiatives
    02 Jan, 2024

    In an era where environmental responsibility is paramount, Hokwang Industries, a professional manufacturer of auto hand dryer, soap dispenser, water tap and smart toilet seat, is taking consistent steps towards reducing carbon emissions and fostering a sustainable future. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices encompasses various aspects of our operations. Let's delve into the strategies we've implemented to cut down on carbon footprint:

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    Hokwang wins the 10th D&B Top 1000 SMEs Elite Award.
    20 Oct, 2023

    Being a professional hygiene product manufacturer, Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd., we are proud to announce its latest achievement – winning the prestigious 10th D&B Top 1000 SMEs Elite Award. We have won this award for 5 years in a row! As a prominent player in the automatic hygiene product industry, Hokwang has been dedicated to developing eco-friendly and hygienic solutions such as hand dryers, automatic soap dispensers, water faucets, and smart toilet seats.

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    Hokwang Hand Dryer Update - EcoHygiene with HEPA Filter, a Plug-in Back Plate and UVC Light
    17 May, 2023

    Hands hygiene has been more important than ever in the post-pandemic era. People are searching for a more hygienic, yet environmental friendly way of drying hands. The solution will be the EcoHygiene hand dryer that has a HEPA filter and optional UVC Light!

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    Meet the New Brushless Motor Hand Dryers
    27 Apr, 2023

    More and more modern restrooms are replacing traditional paper towels with brushless motor hand dryers with the advancement of technology. We as one of the leading manufacturer of hand dryers, have been at the forefront of this trend.

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    Visit Hokwang’s Booth #4.2 F71 At ISH In Frankfurt!
    02 Dec, 2022

    After the restrictions of Covid were lifted, we will bring our hand dryer, auto soap dispenser, and other automatic hygiene products back to the ISH show at Messe Frankfurt from March 13th-17th. ISH is the world’s leading water and HVAC fair. You can find us at booth number #F71 in Hall 4.2. with other famous brands of the hygiene products and commercial restroom accessories industry!

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    Visit Hokwang’s Booth #I-1116 For Hand Dryer, Auto Soap Dispensers At The Taipei Building Show
    15 Nov, 2022

    Hokwang will take part in the Taipei Building Show and exhibit our hand dryer, auto soap dispenser, auto faucet, etc., from December 8-11. You can find us at booth number #I-1116 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1.

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    Auto Bulk Soap Dispensers Newly Launched!
    04 Jul, 2022

    Customers will never failed to find a suitable sensor soap dispensers in Hokwang’s complete soap dispenser range. We have deck-mounted soap dispenser, multi-feed soap dispensing system, wall-mounted soap dispenser with various choices of soap types. Now, we further launched the bulk soap dispensers to satisfy the increasing demand for dispensers with larger soap capacity.

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    Hokwang’s Auto Faucets Received WRAS Certificates
    22 Apr, 2022

    Hokwang always sticks with our principles of supplying reliable and safe hygiene products. As a part of touchless solutions in restrooms, the sensor activated faucets need to be in compliance with water safety standards in different countries.We understand water safety is crucial for auto faucets, especially for countries use tap water as drinking water. We ensure to use safe and good quality materials for our water taps. In the meantime, we apply for water approvals to have our faucets verified by a third-party lab. Water approvals for auto faucets, such as WRAS, GDV, KIWA, are requested to ensure the safety of drinking water.

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    Newly Developed Auto Hand Sanitizer Station And Smart Toilet Seat Won Taiwan Excellence Award
    29 Oct, 2021

    Our newly developed hand sanitizer station and intelligent toilet seat has won another Taiwan Excellence Award! Being a professional touchless hygiene product manufacturer, we always devote ourselves to product development, innovation and quality. Apart from our existing product lines for hand dryers, auto soap dispensers, auto faucets and auto flush valves, we have extended the HK-CSD wall-mounted soap dispenser to an automatic hand sanitizer station, and designed a MIT intelligent toilet seat.

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    HEPA filters are already available for Hokwang’s high speed hand dryer
    26 Jul, 2021

    We all know that the most effective way to keep hand hygiene till now is still washing hands by soap and DRY them thoroughly, whatever drying methods are. Hand dryers, being a suitable hand drying tool, have been recognized by WHO and the government officers in UK, USA and Japan, etc.

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Remote Control Heated Toilet Seat Manufacturer | Hokwang

Based in Taiwan since 1996, Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing hand dryers and soap dispensers. Their main bathroom and kitchen products include, bathroom hand dryers, stainless steel hand dryers, automatic soap dispensers for kitchen and bathroom, wall mounted soap dispensers, deck mounted soap dispensers, touchless soap dispensers, bathroom and kitchen water faucets and smart heated toilet seats with remote control, which pass WEEE and RoHS and are sold to 89 countries. Every touchless kitchen water faucet and soap dispenser, commercial bathroom hand dryer and smart heated toilet seat is tested at the highest level of quality control before shipment.

Hokwang is a Taiwan-based, ISO-certified hand dryers and soap dispensers manufacturer, holding both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. We specialize in hands-free hygiene products, including hand dryers, automatic soap dispensers, automatic faucets, automatic flush valves, and smart toilet seats. Offering OEM and ODM services is one of our specialties. Our goal is to streamline facility management with top-quality solutions for washroom hygiene. The main aim of Hokwang is to achieve long-term customer retention through exceptional levels of quality and customer service. With 20 years of bathroom hygiene industry experience, Hokwang has many customers who has started with us at the very beginning and is still with us today. We also receive the top marks of greater than 90% customer satisfaction every year on the survey.

Hokwang has been providing customers with commercial hand dryers, soap dispensers, water faucets and heated toilet seats with great customer satisfaction, both with advanced technology and 27 years of experience, Hokwang ensures that each customer's needs are met.