Hokwang’s Auto Faucets Received WRAS Certificates

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Hokwang’s Auto Faucets Received WRAS Certificates

Hokwang always sticks with our principles of supplying reliable and safe hygiene products. As a part of touchless solutions in restrooms, the sensor activated faucets need to be in compliance with water safety standards in different countries.

We understand water safety is crucial for auto faucets, especially for countries use tap water as drinking water. We ensure to use safe and good quality materials for our water taps. In the meantime, we apply for water approvals to have our faucets verified by a third-party lab. Water approvals for auto faucets, such as WRAS, GDV, KIWA, are requested to ensure the safety of drinking water.

22 Apr, 2022 Hokwang
WRAS Approved Auto Faucets

We are glad to announce that our EcoTap and InnoWash auto water faucets are receiving WRAS approvals. WRAS is a directory that regulates materials and functions of the water taps in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Water fittings must not waste, misuse, unduly consume or contaminate the water supply. The information of EcoTap and InnoWash auto water faucets can now be found on WRAS’ website with the approval numbers 2110031 and 2110032.

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EcoTap: Automatic Washing Station

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Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd. Hokwang’s Auto Faucets Received WRAS Certificates Introduction

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