Customized Service

Customized Service

Customized Hand Dryer, Auto Soap Dispenser, Auto Faucet, and Auto Flush Valve

Customized Service from Hokwang
Customized Service from Hokwang

With over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing hand dryers and soap dispensers, Hokwang has all the knowledge and capabilities to provide customized products or total solution that fit all kinds of needs. Hokwang’s customized service is very flexible. Whether you need a mirror cabinet/wash station system, brand new products, a different casing/cover appearance but with our inner structure, or simply just putting your logo on our current products, we are able to provide all of the above services for you. Please see the explanation for each service below.

Customized service is mainly required for new construction projects, such as renovating/replacing current units, showroom displays, or any unique purpose to fit different washrooms. For example, mirror cabinet and wash station system are the best solution to the these projects. Hokwang is able to supply the whole system including the mirror, the hand dryer, the soap dispenser, the auto faucet, the sanitizer, sink/basin, and the wooden or stainless steel cabinet in customized dimensions. Please see our Mirror Cabinet and Wash Station page for further information.

For new product development, Hokwang is able to work with customers to evaluate the best feasible design for the function and appearance needed, including the PCB logic and possible light indicators. The lead-time for developing a new product depends on the requirements and complexity.

Regarding having your own casing/cover appearance but with our standard inner structure, Hokwang can design the cover for you or we can also work on the drawing provided. After the design is confirmed, we will then quote the tooling for your consideration. The lead-time for making the new tool is generally one month. The actual lead time may vary slightly. Creating customized casing/cover is ideal when a “family look” is preferred across all different product range, which helps to provide a consistent impression for your brand.

As for putting your own logo on our standard products, the lead-time will be relatively short. It is about two weeks for sample orders and four weeks for bulk orders. Hokwang will be able to screen print, laser etch, or put a sticker of your logo on our products. Simply give us your logo in the AI format with size and pantone color code stated, then we will be able to provide this service for you.

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  • Auto Hand Washing Station - EcoTap hand dryer, soap dispenser, and faucet - EcoTap hand dryer, auto soap dispenser,and  auto water faucet
    Auto Hand Washing Station - EcoTap hand dryer, soap dispenser, and faucet

    EcoTap washing station is an automatic commercial hand washing station in an integrated design. It consists of a hand dryer, a soap dispenser and a faucet all in the same brushed stainless steel spout design with indication LED lights. These combinations create a simple and elegant look in the commercial restroom. Also, the spout can be either deck mounted or wall mounted, depends on the installation locations.EcoTap washing station is suitable for commercial restrooms in new projects and reconstruction buildings, especially ideal for airports, shopping malls, hospitals and food factory. Users can wash, rinse and dry their hands right at the wash basin. It is the one-stop solution for hand hygiene which required lowest maintenance effort because it simplifies the cleaning process- no dripping on the floor nor waste bin full of used paper towels that needs to be taken out.Staring with EcoTap auto soap dispenser, it’s capable of performing as a liquid soap dispenser or a foam soap dispenser by simply changing the appropriate soap and the soap pump. Second, our EcoTap auto faucet equipped with Neoperl aerator. It has very stable sensing and water flowing. The final hand washing step is EcoTap hand dryer, it’s a quiet and efficient tap hand dryer thanks to its patented air outlet. For hospitals, food processing factories or places required alcohol sanitizing, an optional auto sanitizer dispenser in the same design is also available.This one-stop automatic hand washing station can also be customized according to customers’ needs. Hokwang has rich experiences in product design and customization for more than 20 years, any request for customized products can be discussed and realized.

  • Mirror Cabinet Auto Washing Station - Behind mirror hand dryer, soap dispenser, faucet - Mirror Cabinet Wash Station
    Mirror Cabinet Auto Washing Station - Behind mirror hand dryer, soap dispenser, faucet

    The idea of placing hygiene products behind a mirror to form a washing station has become trendy in recent years. Our washing station includes an auto hand dryer, an auto soap dispenser, and an auto faucet inside a mirror cabinet. This approach creates a neat and clean washroom space, and you can find this implementation already installed in several international airports.We offer several selections of behind-the-mirror hand dryers and soap dispensers to customers. The smart sensors on these products auto-detect and adjust to the appropriate sensing distance. With their compact size, they are easy to install in a mirror cabinet that can be turned into a washing station.There are also laser etched LED icons on the mirror to indicate where a user should put his or her hands for each function. One can also store some public restroom products in the mirror cabinet for easier maintenance. Furthermore, the size of the mirror cabinets is customizable for different projects. As Hokwang has a rich experiences in product design and customization, any request for customized products can be discussed and realized.

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Customized Service Manufacturer - Hokwang

Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd., since 1996, is an ISO 9001 & 14001 certified Customized Service manufacturer based in Taiwan.

Over 200 patents, UL & TUV certified laboratories, worldwide safety approvals and certificates, Hokwang supplies high-quality hand dryer and soap dispenser such as electric hand dryer, automatic hand dryer, commercial hand dryer, wall mounted soap dispenser, hand soap dispenser, automatic soap dispenser, etc.

Hokwang has been offering customers hand dryer and soap dispenser with great customer satisfaction, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Hokwang ensures each customer's demands are met.