Customized Service

With over 20 years of rich experiences in designing hand dryer and automatic soap dispenser, we are flexible in making customized designs. Whether it is customized hand dryer/ customized soap dispenser for a complete new construction project, for a unique purpose, for a replacement of old units, etc., we can satisfy almost all customized requirements and provide you with the professional solutions.

  • Customized overall new design
  • Customized retrofit
  • Customized surface treatment
  • Customized mechanism
  • Customized PCB logic
  • and more

Type Location Model Number Description
Overall Design Abu Dubai EcoFast interior structure Supplied hand dryers behind a complete customized mirror cabinet with indicating LED icon
and special plugs/cables to fit in the design of the new building. 
  Denmark HK-JA Co-Developed a customized hand dryer with delicate surface treatment which won red-dot award. 
  Denmark HK-RSD Co-Developed a customized soap dispenser with delicate surface treatment, which won red-dot award
Cover Modification The U.K. EcoFast interior structure Changed the location of hand dryer air outlet and create a customized base plate to
fit in the existing installation space. 
  The U.K. EcoSlender Changed the air inlet of hand dryer to meet the anti- ligature requirements. 
  U.S.A EcoFast interior structure Designed a recessed hand dryer to meet the anti-ligature requirement.
  Germany EcoSlender Customized a unique finishing of hand dryer cover.
Parts Modification Japan HK-CSD Co-Developed a customized deck mounted soap dispenser with smart LED indicator.  
  U.S.A. HK-CSD Changed the mechnisim to match customer’s circuit board and sensor.
Specially designed soap pump with non-drip function. 
Logic Modification The U.K. HK-MSD Adjusted the auto soap dispenser sensing logic to conform to special installation.
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