Newly Developed Auto Hand Sanitizer Station And Smart Toilet Seat Won Taiwan Excellence Award

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Newly Developed Auto Hand Sanitizer Station And Smart Toilet Seat Won Taiwan Excellence Award

2021/10/29 Hokwang

Our newly developed hand sanitizer station and intelligent toilet seat has won another Taiwan Excellence Award! Being a professional touchless hygiene product manufacturer, we always devote ourselves to product development, innovation and quality. Apart from our existing product lines for hand dryers, auto soap dispensers, auto faucets and auto flush valves, we have extended the HK-CSD wall-mounted soap dispenser to an automatic hand sanitizer station, and designed a MIT intelligent toilet seat.

HK-CSD4R_ST Auto Hand Sanitizer Station

With the large capacity soap tank and full stainless steel 304 robust cover that allows the product to stand alone on the floor, Hokwang’s auto hand sanitizer station is suitable for any area that cares about hygiene. You can simply change the soap pump and soap outlet to make it a liquid, foam or spray sanitizer station.

Moreover, its smart LED indication will notify the users when low soap or malfunctioned electronic box with different blinking color. Other than the above mentioned features, the life cycles of the soap pump and the mechanism are over 100k and 500k, our hand sanitizer stand requires less maintenance effort than any other sanitizer dispenser that can be found in the market.

FW-178 Smart Toilet Seat

The innovative instant heated smart toilet seat that Hokwang developed has already received several design patents. These patents includes not only the optimized internal design, but also thoughtful features.

We have designed the UV light sterilizer which the 316 stainless steel seamless nozzle will be sterilized with the bacteria-killing UV light when the self-cleaning process is done after each use. Also, the most frequently used front and rear wash are indicated with red and blue LED lights. Considering the senior people, the control panel is designed with large size font and simple symbols so it is user friendly and easy to use for anyone. In addition, we have visualized the seat temperature with intuitive color codes so user can have an idea of what to expect before sitting down. We have also implemented both carbon filter and ions deodorizer to neutralize odor which activates automatically when seated to create pleasant user experiences.

Hokwang ensures the products are fully tested and the quality verified before launch. More information of the awarded auto hand sanitizer station and smart toilet will be updated once ready. Please contact us if you would like to receive the first-hand news for the two models.

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Hokwang Newly Developed Auto Hand Sanitizer Station And Smart Toilet Seat Won Taiwan Excellence Award Introduction

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