High Speed Hand Dryer

Full Range of Fast Drying and Eco-Friendly Commercial Hand Dryer / ISO 9001 & 14001 certified hand dryer and soap dispenser manufacturer

High Speed Hand Dryer

Full Range of Fast Drying and Eco-Friendly Commercial Hand Dryer

High Speed Hand Dryer
High Speed Hand Dryer

Hokwang provides full range of high speed hand dryers. Our eco-friendly high speed hand dryer offers 95% cost saving compared with paper towels. Counter-mounted, semi-recessed and wall-mounted high speed hand dryers are all available in Hokwang’s high speed hand dryer range. We also offer different surface treatments and colors for the hand dryer covers, for example, PVD, enamel, brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, and powder coating to satisfy various needs.

The energy saving and fast drying features have made high speed hand dryers a market trend now. Our high speed hand dryer is often selected for places like airport, train station, shopping malls, etc., and it’s also ideal for wash stations.

  • EcoHygiene High Speed Hand Dryer - EcoHygiene High Speed Hand Dryer
    EcoHygiene High Speed Hand Dryer
    ADA-Compliant High Speed Hand Dryer Equipped With HEPA Filter

    Nowadays, people are in search of a more hygienic high speed hand dryer. Other than the existing energy-saving and high drying efficiency features, the EcoHygiene hand dryer has a resident HEPA filter that is hidden inside of the cover. This would be specifically suitable for designers who are in pursuit of aesthetic appearance, while wanting the hygienic features to satisfy building owners’ requests.In addition, the EcoHygiene hand dryer is very customizable. There are many features available for you to choose from based on each location’s needs. These “add-ons” include the followings:1. UVC-LED: kills the germs to make sure that only clean and fresh air is blown onto user’s hands.2. Plug-in back plate: whenever service is needed, one can simply unplug or plug in the hand dryer without calling the electrician.3. Anti-bacteria coating: silver ions can be added into the transparent coating of the hand dryer which is antibacterial and also keeps finger prints out of the cover.4. Cover color: other than the basic black and white powder coating or brushed steel finish, the dryer can be PVD into any color to fit each restroom’s design.

  • EcoTap High Speed Hand Dryer - EcoTap High Speed Hand Dryer
    EcoTap High Speed Hand Dryer
    Deck Mounted /Wall mounted Tap Hand Dryer - Quiet and Project Ideal

    EcoTap is a deck mounted/wall mounted high speed tap hand dryer with optional HEPA filter. The hand dryer is hidden below deck or behind the wall with only the spout affixed to the wash basin/wall, which creates a new clutter-free washroom experience. Users can dry their hands right after they wash them. EcoTap hand dryer also simplifies the cleaning process because all water goes into the basin.A special feature of our EcoTap hand dryer is the intelligent temperature control technology. It detects the room temperature, and adjust the heating element. Furthermore, the hand dryer automatically detects and uses the residual heat from the heater to reduce power consumption. The benefit is particularly apparent in high traffic locations.EcoTap is also a quiet high speed hand dryer. The new patented air outlet reduced the noise level and increase the drying efficiency. EcoTap hand dryer is ideal for construction projects and automatic wash station.The InnoWash HD Hand Dryer is developed to be more compact and flexible. With a simplified spout design, this is an ideal high speed hand dryer especially for limited spaces or behind the mirror installation.Designers can also customized the deck mounted/wall mounted spout to match any washroom.

  • EcoSwift High Speed Hand Dryer - EcoSwift High Speed Hand Dryer
    EcoSwift High Speed Hand Dryer
    Smallest ADA-Compliant and G-Mark Certified Hand Dryer - Ideal for Train Specs and Install Behind Mirror

    EcoSwift is the smallest Gulf Conformity mark certified high speed hand dryer in the market. EcoSwift hand dryer is also in Universal Design and ADA-Compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act), it fits in every washroom, especially those with restricted spaces such as on trains and airplanes. EcoSwift hand dryer can be equipped with an optional HEPA filter. This hand dryer is also most suitable to install behind the mirror to create a modern and clean look in public bathroom.It takes years of experiences to make a hand dryer the size of one’s palm. Since EcoSwift high speed hand dryer has a compact inner structure, it is easier to make it a customized hand dryer in different projects. It allows unique and customized hand dryer cover design without obstruction from internal mechanisms.

  • EcoMo High Speed Hand Dryer - EcoMo High Speed Hand Dryer
    EcoMo High Speed Hand Dryer
    Wheelchair Friendly Hand Dryer with Super HEPA Filter and Pantented Ceramic Pad

    EcoMo is an ergonomic, high speed, wheelchair friendly hand dryer. It's ADA-Compliant so is most suitable to install in disabled washrooms. In a comfortable natural position, no matter standing, in a wheelchair or with a crutch, users can effectively dry their hands without water splash-back when using EcoMo high speed hand dryer.It is also a great hand dryer for high traffic locations, with its absorbent, ceramic pad that prevents water overflow. Unlike other vertical hands-in dryers, the drying area is the perfect size for hands without losing drying efficiency. Lastly, there is an anti-bacterial ABS protection cover and a super HEPA filter, including three layers- one antibacterial filter, one carbon filter and a HEPA filter, which eliminates over 99% of any present bacteria. EcoMo hand dryer is more than you expect!

  • EcoSlender High Speed Hand Dryer - EcoSlender High Speed Hand Dryer
    EcoSlender High Speed Hand Dryer
    Slim ADA-compliant high speed hand dryer

    EcoSlender is a slim high speed hand dryer with a sleek design. Hokwang is devoted to creating an accessible washroom environment. EcoSlender hand dryer is ADA-Compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act); its thin profile only protrudes 4 inches (10 cm) from the wall.Moreover, EcoSlender hand dryer has patented parallel dual air outlets resulting in high drying efficiency with quiet operation. The slim hand dryer cover design also creates a wide drying area to allow hands to dry both naturally and comfortably. The main purpose of EcoSlender hand dryer is to make everyone’s hand drying experience even more accommodating. White/matt black powder coated steel and stainless steel (satin/bright) are both available for EcoSlender hand dryer covers.

  • HK-JA High Speed Hand Dryer - HK-JA High Speed Hand Dryer
    HK-JA High Speed Hand Dryer
    Powerful and Durable Jet Hand Dryer - Our Best Seller

    Functionally, HK-JA hand dryer is the most powerful and durable hand dryer in our high speed hand dryer range. Its air blows strong enough to dry hands in less than 10 seconds. On the appearance, this high speed hand dryer has a novel design and an elegant appearance. Moreover, HK-JA high speed hand dryer is the first automatic high speed hand dryer equipped with our patented blue LED indicator light to optimize drying efficiency. Furthermore, you can adjust the air speed and turn the heater on or off based on your needs. A HEPA filter or carbon filter assembly is also available for dusty installation environments.To satisfy different requirements and installation locations, we create various designs for our HK-JA high speed hand dryer. One is a quieter version of HK-JA hand dryer while keeping the same drying efficiency. There are also special ranges includes a recessed hand dryer and 3 in 1 (hand dryer, paper towel and trash bin) unit. For material and surface treatment, enamel coated steel and stainless steel #304 (satin/bright) are available for HK-JA hand dryer covers.

  • EcoFast High Speed Hand Dryer - EcoFast High Speed Hand Dryer
    EcoFast High Speed Hand Dryer
    Eco-Friendly and Compact High Speed Hand Dryer

    EcoFast is a small and compact high speed hand dryer with an optional HEPA filter which is ideal for all washrooms. EcoFast hand dryer is only half the size of equivalent high speed hand dryers. There are also different surface treatments such as white, matt black powder coating and bright/ satin stainless steel #304.It consumes very little power (1,000 watts), while maintaining the capability to emit warm and comfortably heated air. The patented air-flow mechanism optimizes air flow to dry hands fast while saving 80% in energy costs. Finally, we use fewer materials to make EcoFast hand dryer to save our precious natural resources. Like other Hokwang hand dryers, all materials used to manufacture EcoFast hand dryer can be recycled and reused. Hands dried with EcoFast are ecofriendly hands!

  • High Speed Recessed Combination Unit - High Speed Hand Dryers and Combination Unit Recessed into the Wall
    High Speed Recessed Combination Unit
    Hand Dryers Recessed into the Wall – Retrofit and Project Ideal

    Our stainless steel recessed high speed hand dryer range is designed with no protrusion, beautifully integrated to the commercial restroom wall and being vandal-proof. Since the recessed hand dryer protrudes no further than 4” (10cm) from a wall to maintain Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. Moreover, the recessed design leaves more room in the public restroom.Besides recessed and semi-recessed high speed hand dryers, Hokwang also offer semi-recessed hand dryers and recessed 3 in 1 unit, which is a hand drying combination unit recessed to the wall, that includes an automatic hand dryer, a manually paper towel dispenser, and a waste bin at the bottom.Recessed hand dryers and recessed combination units are also good retrofits for the old recessed paper towel dispenser. They are great help to the manager of commercial bathrooms to save costs and labors of refilling the paper towels.


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