Где я могу найти подходящее мыло для многоразового автоматического дозатора мыла?

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Где я могу найти подходящее мыло для многоразового автоматического дозатора мыла?

There are generally two types of soap dispensers in the market: the refillable type and the cartridge type. Both types of soap dispensers have their pros and cons.

The cartridge type soap dispenser:

Usually they are made or provided by soap manufacturers, as the soap dispensers can only use the provided soap cartridge. That is, once the soap ran out, you’ll have to purchase the soap cartridge from the supplier. Also, the soap dispensers of the cartridge system often have lower prices, since the soap cartridge is the major products for the suppliers.

Hokwang's disposable soap bags

We prefer to allow customers select their own soap in the market freely, so most of our automatic soap dispensers are refillable type. However, we are aware of demands of disposable soap bags or cartridges in medical facilities or some commercial buildings. We developed the disposable soap bag for our wall mounted soap dispensers. A plastic soap bag holder is designed to cut the waste of paper boxes that are usually scrapped with soap bags. For the HK-SSD auto soap dispenser, we design a 3D soap bag, so there is no need for a soap bag holder or a paper box to keep the soap bag in place.

Refillable soap dispenser:

Our standard auto soap dispensers all come with a refillable soap bottle. Refillable soap dispensers are a more environmentally friendly option since the soap bottles can be retained and reused.
In general, you can use any soap you find in the market. The recommended viscosity is 1-3000 cps for liquid soap dispenser. If it is for home use or office, which do not require a bulk of soap, you can buy soap from supermarket or from the internet. If it is for buildings or other public areas, you can source it from janitorial suppliers. For a foam soap dispenser, foaming soap should be used to avoid clogs of the soap pumps. For hand sanitizing requirements, we use chemical resistant materials for the soap bottle. Hence, the safety can be assured when you use alcohol gel or 75% Ethanol.

Hand Dryers With Heap Filter Building Inside

Just remember to use the correct soap pump when you use different soaps or sanitizers. You can find more information on the FAQ “IF I NEED A SANITIZER DISPENSER, DO YOU HAVE ONE”.

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