Auto Faucet with Satin Stainless Steel Design

Auto Faucet with Satin Stainless Steel Design

EcoTap-W FA01

Wall-Mounted Auto Water Tap

EcoTap-W FA01 Auto Faucet-Stainless Steel
EcoTap-W FA01 Auto Faucet-Stainless Steel

EcoTap-W FA01 automatic faucet is one of the members in the 1.5inch diameter wall mounted EcoTap family, with other members being the auto hand dryer and the liquid/foam soap dispenser in the same appearance, which creates a modern and uniform look when installed all together. In addition, since the EcoTap-W FA01 auto faucet is wall mounted, it is especially ideal for new constructions which a maintenance area is available behind the wall.
One of the great features of the EcoTap-W FA01 wall mounted faucet is that it is not only made from stainless steel 304 but it comes with LEDs that surround its front panel which is stylish and can also act as an indicator. Solid blue light means the auto faucet is in the standby mode, when users’ hands approach and trigger the sensor, the blue light will turn red when supplying water. Still, with the auto detecting sensor and the interacting LEDs, standby power is only less than 0.1W.


  • Power Source: AC type
  • Operating Voltage: 110V-220Vac, 50/60 Hz, 5W
  • Standby Power: 0.1W
  • Shut-off Delay Time: 1sec
  • Time out Setting: 60sec
  • Flow Rate: Max. 1.0GPM/8.3LPM
  • Operating Water Pressure: 10 to 100 PSI
  • Water Supply Connection: PF 1/2
  • Mounted on a Single-Hole Wall (35Φ)
  • Applicable Water Temperature: 39℉~185℉ (4℃ ~ 85℃)
  • Patented: Taiwan, China, United States, EU

Shipping Information

  • Master Carton Size (W x H): 560mm x 365mm x 315mm
  • Package: 10 sets/carton
  • Shipping Weight: 13.0kgs (28.7lbs)
  • MOQ: 200 sets per shipment
  • Below MOQ: a handling charge is required

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EcoTap: Automatic Washing Station

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    EcoTap washing station is an automatic commercial hand washing station in an integrated design. It consists of a hand dryer, a soap dispenser and a faucet all in the same brushed stainless steel spout design with indication LED lights. These combinations create a simple and elegant look in the commercial restroom. Also, the spout can be either deck mounted or wall mounted, depends on the installation locations.EcoTap washing station is suitable for commercial restrooms in new projects and reconstruction buildings, especially ideal for airports, shopping malls, hospitals and food factory. Users can wash, rinse and dry their hands right at the wash basin. It is the one-stop solution for hand hygiene which required lowest maintenance effort because it simplifies the cleaning process- no dripping on the floor nor waste bin full of used paper towels that needs to be taken out.Staring with EcoTap auto soap dispenser, it’s capable of performing as a liquid soap dispenser or a foam soap dispenser by simply changing the appropriate soap and the soap pump. Second, our EcoTap auto faucet equipped with Neoperl aerator. It has very stable sensing and water flowing. The final hand washing step is EcoTap hand dryer, it’s a quiet and efficient tap hand dryer thanks to its patented air outlet. For hospitals, food processing factories or places required alcohol sanitizing, an optional auto sanitizer dispenser in the same design is also available.This one-stop automatic hand washing station can also be customized according to customers’ needs. Hokwang has rich experiences in product design and customization for more than 20 years, any request for customized products can be discussed and realized.

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    EcoTap-W hand dryer is a wall mounted high speed tap hand dryer. It is most suitable for new construction project of public restroom that has a maintenance room behind the wall. The hand dryer is behind the wall with only the spout affixed to the wall, which creates a new clutter-free washroom experience. Users can dry their hands right after they wash them. EcoTap hand dryer also simplifies the cleaning process because all water goes into the basin.EcoTap is also a quiet high speed hand dryer. The new patented air outlet reduced the noise level and increase the drying efficiency. EcoTap hand dryer is ideal for construction projects and automatic wash station. Designers can also customized the deck mounted/wall mounted spout to match any washroom.The intelligent temperature control technology of EcoTap detects the room temperature, and adjust the heating element. Furthermore, the hand dryer automatically detects and uses the residual heat from the heater to reduce power consumption. The benefit is particularly apparent in high traffic locations.

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Auto Faucet with Satin Stainless Steel Design Manufacturer - Hokwang

Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd., since 1996, is an ISO 9001 & 14001 certified Auto Faucet with Satin Stainless Steel Design manufacturer based in Taiwan.

Over 200 patents, UL & TUV certified laboratories, worldwide safety approvals and certificates, Hokwang supplies high-quality hand dryer and soap dispenser such as electric hand dryer, automatic hand dryer, commercial hand dryer, wall mounted soap dispenser, hand soap dispenser, automatic soap dispenser, etc.

Hokwang has been offering customers hand dryer and soap dispenser with great customer satisfaction, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Hokwang ensures each customer's demands are met.