The automatic metered Aerosol Dispenser/Air Freshener HK-230AD can be set to spray during specific office hours without detectable noises. It is made with a convenient LCD display, and you can read the time and the cycles of spraying on the LCD display. The power saving design increases the battery life for fewer replacements and more savings.

  • LCD display
  • On-off display
  • Clock setting
  • Long battery life
  • Low noise gears
  • Battery Type: D type battery x 2
  • Setting-on LED indicator
  • Spray start-to-stop time setting

Model Number Cover Material  Operation Dimensions (W x H x D) Package Shipping Weight
HK-230AD Plastic Automatic 85mm x 235mm x 80mm  20 sets/carton 13kg (28.7 lbs)
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Auto soap dispenser, high speed hand dryer

HOKWANG specializes in auto soap dispenser, high speed hand dryer and automatic aerosol dispensers. One of our auto soap dispenser's special features is that it can use either a refillable soap tank or disposable soap bag. Our soap dispenser is touch free. It is very rare to find an auto soap dispenser of good quality. Our soap dispenser has been selling for years worldwide, and you can be assured of its stability. We offer a complete washroom package to make the management of your facilities as easy as possible with our top quality HANDS FREE hygiene products. The main aim of HOKWANG is long term customer retention via exceptional levels of quality and customer service.