The Launch of Disposable Soap Bag and Collapsed Soap Tank for Auto Soap Dispenser!

The Launch of Disposable Soap Bag and Collapsed Soap Tank for Auto Soap Dispenser!

2017/09/22 Hokwang

Hokwang has always taken environment protection into consideration whenever we design or develop products. However, we are also aware that there are still a lot of demands in the market for a one time use disposable soap bag or collapsed soap tank, especially for health care centers, hospitals, food industries, and etc. Hence, we provide new options for Hokwang's auto soap dispenser system: the disposable soap bag and collapse soap tank. The applicable soap type are liquid soap, foaming soap, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant.

Disposable Soap Bag and Collapsed Soap Tank

Soap Bag System
The accessories for the soap bag system include a soap bag, a soap tube or soap pump, and a soap bag holder.

We hope our customers can adapt the disposable soap bag into the auto soap dispenser they current have easily. Therefore, we design a soap bag holder, and you only have to insert the soap bag holder to make all of our auto soap dispensers compatible with soap bag. Also, the soap bag holder can be reused, so it gives users the flexibility of changing to disposable system while keep the spirit of reuse and recycle. When you want to change back to a refill type for our auto soap dispenser, simply remove the holder and put on a refillable soap tank.

Collapsed Soap Tank System
The accessories for the collapsed soap tank system are a collapsed soap tank and a soap pump.

The advantage of using a collapsed soap tank is that it is easy to fill in the require soap, easy to replace, and easy to transport. Moreover, after you used up all the soap, the soap tank will collapse and make it easy to recycle.

With more soap tank/bag options, Hokwang's auto soap dispenser can satisfy both the demands for refillable soap tank and disposable soap tank/bag. Please simply give us an e-mail or a call, we’ll be happy to answer all your questions about our disposable soap bag and collapsed soap tank.


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