Dry your hands. Don't dry the planet

Dry your hands. Don't dry the planet

2019/8/21 Hokwang

Do you feel the weather has been abnormal in these years?

This summer, do you feel burning hot which rarely happened to your country before?

The climate change is so obvious that we could not ignore it anymore.

Countries in Europe and across the globe recording record-breaking high temperatures in the summer, rampant flooding in Southeast Asia and South America, ice melting in the Arctic, unusually bitter winter coldness in northern regions, these are all signs of global warming negatively impacting our lives.

Climate change is a global issue

In this ever shrinking global community, each and every one of us is a citizen of the world, and all should do his or her part in preserving the environment and reducing carbon footprint.

But what can we do?

Besides supervising the government and forcing them to make the right decisions, there are also something we can do in our daily life. It can be as little as something like the way we dry our hands.

Every time you walk into a commercial restroom, how do you dry our hands?

According to a study completed by scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, paper towel has the highest environmental impact – generating 70% more carbon emissions than using high speed hand dryers.

The German Federal Environment Administration has concluded that while using hand dryers and using recycled paper towels are equally good systems in drying hands from the standpoint of hygiene while virgin paper towels are considered to be ecologically less advantageous. Also, paper towels can be made from recycled materials but cannot be recycled. By contrast, using high speed hand dryers does not require cutting down trees, consumes less water to produce, and has a lower impact to global warming.

Hokwang Industries is a professional hand dryer manufacturer

Hokwang Industries is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified professional hand dryer manufacturer that takes environmental protection seriously. We believe in and make products that help to make a greener world. We encourage you to join us to dry hands quickly, completely, and without damaging the environment.

Please contact us for more information on our green commercial bathroom products, including auto hand dryers, auto soap dispensers, auto faucet, auto flush valve and integrated hand wash station. We also offer solutions to retrofit of replace paper towel dispensers.

Our professional team will be happy to assist you to build an environmental friendly, cost-saving and beautiful commercial restroom!

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