How to measure “green” profiles for hand dryer?

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How to measure “green” profiles for hand dryer?

There are different ways of measuring “green profiles” for a hand dryer. One is from the energy consumption. Conventional hand dryers usually cost more energy due to the high wattage and longer drying time. Hence, a high speed hand dryer are often considered energy-saving hand dryer, for its fast-drying feature and low power consumption. Institutions and regulations, including GreenSpec, PCR (Product Category Rule for hand dryer issued by UL Environment), ETL (ETL Method for the Testing of High Speed Hand Air Dryers) all set standards for this measurement.

Another way is to measure how many recyclable or non-toxic materials are used to assemble a hand dryer. For example. RoHS and WEEE are two certifications that verifies this measurement.

The third one is a trend in recent years: the verification of product carbon foot print. It usually calculate not only the emission of carbon dioxide when using an electric appliance, also the accumulation of carbon dioxide during the whole manufacturing and transportation process.

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