How to choose the correct hand dryer for your premises?

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How to choose the correct hand dryer for your premises?

When setting up a washroom, you have lots of choices when it relates to the kind of hand drying technique to deliver. Public washrooms which are busy all the time should have fast and effective hand drying features so that the people can clean and dry their hands without standing in a line. If somebody has waited in line already in a workplace, they really wouldn't like to wait once again just to dry their hands.

Nevertheless, you will find more options to consider than the pace of the hand drying system. The appropriate way of hand drying is important to hand hygiene and avoiding the spread of bacteria and other germs, so the hand dryers has to be effective and hygienic.

So, which hand dryer you need to select for your office area? Here's an explanation of some of the most recent modern hand drying products to consider.

Mounting option
One of the aspects that you have to consider when purchasing an electric dryer is how it's mounted on wall surfaces and how it'll adjust. The weight and size of this electric dryer will identify what kind of installation you require for hanging it on the wall. Some dryers need a kit to attach them effectively on the wall. Some of these require being seated on the counter to get balance. Some others are small enough to be installed on whatever surface area is readily available.

If you have a small washroom space, you should consider a deck-mounted hand dryer, which can be combined with the wash basin. You can also choose a compact size, such as the EcoSwift or EcoSlender high speed hand dryer. If you have enough room and you search for elegant design, the wall-mounted high speed hand dryer, such as HK-JA01 or EcoMo can surely satisfy your requirements.

Power Consumption
“Green” has become the priority when manufacturers design new products. Compared to conventional dryers, high speed hand dryer dries hands by blowing water away with its powerful air speed. Most of the high speed hand dryer can turn the heating element off to further decrease the power consumption. All of Hokwang’s high speed hand dryer has power consumption no more than 1.6kW. Some units like EcoSwift and EcoFast can be as low as 500W while dry hands within 12 seconds.
No matter you are trying to replace your current dryer/paper towel dispenser with a new one, or rebuild your washroom, the green and fast high speed hand dryer is undoubtedly the best choice.

Auto or Manual
Some hand dryers run in an automatic process. These hand dryers utilize a motion sensor for being turned on or off. There are press button models as well a button type. These push button models can be performed at a preset time and the preset time can be modified. It is more common to use an automatic type, as users do not have to touch the button which can further prevent the spread of disease. Nevertheless, some places still use a manual type as a hair/face dryer.

It is suggested to use an auto hand dryer, especially a high speed one, wherever you want to install a hand dryer. If you have special requirement to use a hand dryer as hair/face dryer, a manual type is still available in the market, such as our HK-2400 conventional dryer.

Durability of hand dryer casing
The durability and toughness of the hand dryers are identified by the material applied to produce the product. Hand dryers might be produced utilizing cast aluminum, steel, stainless steel, solid iron and some other materials. After you examine the durability of hand dryer, make sure to look at the warranty as well. It's best to compare the warranty provided by various companies.

A qualified hand dryer should be approved by international safety approvals. Some cheap dryers use low quality plastic cover and materials, and this can lead to a bad smell of burning plastic. A high-impact and fire-proved plastic is highly suggested not only for the durability but also for the safety. There’re other options for metal casings. In general, a good quality of stainless steel such as stainless steel #304 can avoid cover from rusting. Also, a metal casing is durable and able to withstand a certain degree of impact. However, if someone use hammer to hit the cover, it is unlikely to keep intact. There’s still an option for an enamel coating casing, which is rare in the market due to the difficulty of making it. Our HK-JA01 still has the enamel coating casing and it is the most durable casing finishing in the market.

Final Thought
The above features are a few things that'll help you select the best hand dryers available in the market. Some dryers stand out more than other dryers so it's a wise decision to compare between a couple of dryers before you purchase. Just remember to choose the hand dryers that have complete safety approvals and a manufacturer with quality certification.

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