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A professional manufacturer of high quality hand dryer, auto soap dispenser, auto faucet, auto flush valve, automatic aerosol dispenser, ODM customized service



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Hokwang offered a wide range of automatic commercial restroom products. Our products include: hand dryer, auto soap dispenser, auto aerosol dispenser, auto faucet, auto flush valves and more. Hokwang also provide customize services because we understand that there are different requirements in every public restroom.

With over 20 years of experience in commercial restroom products, Hokwang designed and manufactured these products in Taiwan with sleek design and highest quality control. Moreover, all of our commercial restroom products have passed international safety standard approvals along with green certificates. Selecting our eco-friendly and high quality commercial restroom products will help you to build a better public restroom and a greener world.

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High Speed Hand Dryer - High Speed Hand Dryer

High Speed Hand Dryer

Hokwang provides full range of high speed hand dryers. Our eco-friendly high speed hand dryer offers...

Conventional Electric Hand Dryer - Electric Warm Air Hand Dryer

Conventional Electric Hand Dryer

From 1800 watts to 2400 watts, full range of conventional warm air hand dryers are available in Hokwang....

Auto Soap Dispenser - Auto soap dispenser

Auto Soap Dispenser

Complete range of commercial foam soap dispenser, liquid soap dispenser and sanitizer soap dispenser...

Auto Faucet - Auto Faucet

Auto Faucet

Hokwang auto water taps come in many operating methods and designs. The common material of the faucets...

Auto Flush Valve - Auto Flush Valve

Auto Flush Valve

From auto urinal flush valves to auto water closet flush valves, Hokwang offer different options for auto...

Instant Heated Smart Toilet Seat - Instant Heated Smart Toilet Seat

Instant Heated Smart Toilet Seat

The innovative instant heated smart toilet seat that Hokwang developed has already received several design...

Customized Service - Customized Service from Hokwang

Customized Service

With over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing hand dryers and soap dispensers, Hokwang...

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Taiwan-Based High-Speed Hand Dryer & HEPA Hand Dryer Manufacturer | Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd.

Based in Taiwan since 1996, Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd. has been a hand dryer and soap dispenser manufacturer. Their main products, include High Speed Hand Dryers, HEPA Hand Dryers, Behind The Mirror Hand Dryers, Deck-mounted Soap Dispensers, Top-refilled Soap Dispensers and Multi-Feed Soap dispensers, with over 200 patents and certifications.

Hokwang, an ISO certified (ISO9001 and ISO14001), professional manufacturer in Taiwan, specializes in hand dryer, automatic soap dispenser, auto faucet, auto flush valve and automatic aerosol dispenser. We offer a complete washroom package to make the management of your facilities as easy as possible with our top quality HANDS FREE hygiene products. The main aim of HOKWANG is long term customer retention via exceptional levels of quality and customer service.

Hokwang has been offering customers hand dryers and soap dispensers with great customer satisfaction, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, Hokwang ensures each customer's demands are met.