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Hokwang offered a wide range of automatic commercial restroom products

Hokwang offered a wide range of automatic commercial restroom products. Our products include: hand dryer, auto soap dispenser, auto aerosol dispenser, auto faucet, auto flush valves and more. Hokwang also provide customize services because we understand that there are different requirements in every public restroom.

With over 20 years of experience in commercial restroom products, Hokwang designed and manufactured these products in Taiwan with sleek design and highest quality control. Moreover, all of our commercial restroom products have passed international safety standard approvals along with green certificates. Selecting our eco-friendly and high quality commercial restroom products will help you to build a better public restroom and a greener world.

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  • High Speed Hand Dryer
    Full Range of Fast Drying and Eco-Friendly Commercial Hand Dryer

    Hokwang provides full range of high speed hand dryers. Our eco-friendly high speed hand dryer offers 95% cost saving compared with paper towels. Counter-mounted, semi-recessed and wall-mounted high speed hand dryers are all available in Hokwang’s high speed hand dryer range. We also offer different surface treatments and colors for the hand dryer covers, for example, PVD, enamel, brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, and powder coating to satisfy various needs.The energy saving and fast drying features have made high speed hand dryers a market trend now. Our high speed hand dryer is often selected for places like airport, train station, shopping malls, etc., and it’s also ideal for wash stations.

  • Conventional Electric Hand Dryer
    Warm Air Traditional Hand Dryer - Push-Button/ Brushless Motor Available

    From 1800 watts to 2400 watts, full range of conventional warm air hand dryers are available in Hokwang. We offer many traditional hand dryers in different air volume, cover design and material. There are stainless steel, aluminum, enamel coated steel and plastic covers to choose from. Moreover, the induction motors in conventional hand dryers last a lifetime because there are no brushes that need to be changed.Different from jet air hand dryer, conventional warm air dryer gives you warm and gentle air, which adds to the user experience, and makes the whole drying process more pleasant and comfortable, especially in cold area. The less strong air-blow also helps keeping noise level down. This makes the conventional electric hand dryer still a popular choice in primary schools and kindergartens. Hokwang also keeps several push button models for traditional hand dryer range as a face/hair dryer.

  • Auto Soap Dispenser
    Foam/ Liquid/ Sanitizer Touchless Soap Dispenser

    Complete range of commercial foam soap dispenser, liquid soap dispenser and sanitizer soap dispenser can be found at Hokwang. To accommodate different installation locations, there are wall mounted and deck mounted auto soap dispenser to choose from. We also provide a top filled system that can supply to multiple soap dispensers. Hokwang has the best and most eco-friendly solutions to commercial use auto soap dispensers.For certain models, different soap pumps/tubes are interchangeable that suits flexible purposes and save stock cost. For soap tank, both refillable soap tank and disposable soap bag/ collapsed soap tank are available.

  • Auto Faucet
    Electronic Faucet Infrared Sensor Operated

    Hokwang auto water taps come in many operating methods and designs. The common material of the faucets is chrome plated brass. We also have them in stainless steel. Moreover, there are five colors (white, black, red, green, and orange) to choose from for the front panel of the AF32 series of auto deck mounted faucets. They offer more color and finishing options when you design the bathroom interiors.Moreover, our auto faucets use a stable and high quality infrared sensor. Most of them have the sensor positioned right beside the water outlet which enables a more instinctive and user-friendly operation. You can chose either AC power or a battery operated power source for the auto faucet. All electronic parts are waterproof and of the highest quality.

  • Auto Flush Valve

    From auto urinal flush valves to auto water closet flush valves, Hokwang offer different options for auto flush valves. There are also different models such as the exposed type, the recessed type, and the wall-mounted type for different installation. We use a stable infrared sensor, which enables the auto flush valves to minimize the waste of water. The sensing range and flow rate are all adjustable to ensure all setting are friendly to the environment.Using auto flush valves may not seem common in public bathrooms or private home use at first, however, there are good benefits to start installing auto flush valves. Auto flush valves are much more hygienic as they are hands free. With no need to touch any handle or button, the risk of catching contagious diseases can be minimized. Moreover, the problem of people not flushing the toilets be completely eliminated. Last but not least, as auto flush valves flush automatically, they are user-friendly to those who have physical limitations or handicaps that may find the effort to manually flush the toilet difficult.

  • Customized Service
    Customized Hand Dryer, Auto Soap Dispenser, Auto Faucet, and Auto Flush Valve

    With over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing hand dryers and soap dispensers, Hokwang has all the knowledge and capabilities to provide customized products or total solution that fit all kinds of needs. Hokwang’s customized service is very flexible. Whether you need a mirror cabinet/wash station system, brand new products, a different casing/cover appearance but with our inner structure, or simply just putting your logo on our current products, we are able to provide all of the above services for you. Please see the explanation for each service below.Customized service is mainly required for new construction projects, such as renovating/replacing current units, showroom displays, or any unique purpose to fit different washrooms. For example, mirror cabinet and wash station system are the best solution to the these projects. Hokwang is able to supply the whole system including the mirror, the hand dryer, the soap dispenser, the auto faucet, the sanitizer, sink/basin, and the wooden or stainless steel cabinet in customized dimensions. Please see our Mirror Cabinet and Wash Station page for further information.For new product development, Hokwang is able to work with customers to evaluate the best feasible design for the function and appearance needed, including the PCB logic and possible light indicators. The lead-time for developing a new product depends on the requirements and complexity.Regarding having your own casing/cover appearance but with our standard inner structure, Hokwang can design the cover for you or we can also work on the drawing provided. After the design is confirmed, we will then quote the tooling for your consideration. The lead-time for making the new tool is generally one month. The actual lead time may vary slightly. Creating customized casing/cover is ideal when a “family look” is preferred across all different product range, which helps to provide a consistent impression for your brand.As for putting your own logo on our standard products, the lead-time will be relatively short. It is about two weeks for sample orders and four weeks for bulk orders. Hokwang will be able to screen print, laser etch, or put a sticker of your logo on our products. Simply give us your logo in the AI format with size and pantone color code stated, then we will be able to provide this service for you.

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High Speed Hand Dryer | Auto Soap Dispenser Manufacturer - Hokwang

Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd., since 1996, is an ISO 9001 & 14001 certified hand dryer and soap dispenser manufacturer based in Taiwan.

Over 200 patents, UL & TUV certified laboratories, worldwide safety approvals and certificates, Hokwang supplies high-quality hand dryer and soap dispenser such as electric hand dryer, automatic hand dryer, commercial hand dryer, wall mounted soap dispenser, hand soap dispenser, automatic soap dispenser, etc.

Hokwang has been offering customers hand dryer and soap dispenser with great customer satisfaction, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Hokwang ensures each customer's demands are met.